Mixed bag of sun and scattered showers over the coming days

Today will start off dry and bright in most parts, with prolonged spells of sunshine
Today will start off dry and bright in most parts, with prolonged spells of sunshine

We’re in store for some changeable weather over the next few days – but temperatures are set to improve again next week.

Today will start off dry and bright in most parts, with prolonged spells of sunshine.

However, scattered showers will develop in the west in the morning, mainly affecting counties Mayo and Galway. The rain will become more widespread in the afternoon, with local heavy and possible thundery downpours, especially over Ulster.

Much of the south-east will  be dry however. It will be fresher than recent days, with temperatures hitting a high of 22C.

Tomorrow will offer the best of the sunshine, with afternoon temperatures of 18 to 22C. However, clouds will gather later in the day in counties Cork, Kerry and Clare, heralding outbreaks of heavy showers across the south west.

But a clearance to scattered showers will follow in most areas before morning. 

It will turn cooler over the weekend with afternoon temperatures more typically in the high teens or touching 20C. 

There will be some dry bright conditions with sunny spells, but showers are likely both days, and some heavy showers are expected on Sunday, possibly prolonged in some parts for a time.

And there will be more changeable weather next week.

But sunseekers are in for a treat as spells of rain in the early part of the week will make way for dry, bright periods – with the mercury even touching 20C in parts.

Meanwhile, a number of European governments have issued weather warnings as a heatwave sweeping through Portugal, Spain, and France, has pushed temperatures above 40C.

Paris has activated its national heatwave emergency plan. French authorities have also set up a heatwave register in some towns to check up on isolated elderly people.

In the UK, temperatures in parts of London had already reached 29.4C by 9am yesterday.

The Irish Cancer Society has urged people to take care in the sun, particularly the elderly and young children. Parents are advised to dress babies under six months in loose-fitting clothes with long sleeves, and to keep them in the shade as much as possible.

Children should wear hats and sun glasses in the sunshine and use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.  Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours.

And all pets should be kept well hydrated during the spell of hot weather. Dogs Trust Ireland have warned against travelling with your pet in the car.

Mark O'Regan