Missing man found in Spain six years after he disappeared

Matthew Green (image via Pauline Green/Facebook)
Matthew Green (image via Pauline Green/Facebook)

A couple in the UK have been told that their missing son has been found in Spain six years after he disappeared, but they have yet to speak to him due to data protection laws.

Matthew Green vanished from his home in April 2010 after telling his parent he was going to visit friends.

His parents, Jim and Pauline Green, have been looking for him ever since but earlier this month their local police force got in touch with some amazing news.

Matthew, 32, had been picked up by Spanish authorities and he gave them a number of names, one of which was his real name.

It popped up on a database of missing persons and after a DNA and fingerprint test they were able to say with 99.9 per cent certainty that the man in Spain was Matthew.

However, they have yet to see or even speak to their son due to data protection and privacy laws.

In a Facebook post Pauline says: 'A finger print match proves that it is 99.9% surety that it is Matt. I have asked for a photo but due to Data Protection I am not allowed!! I have asked for a photo of his tattoos so that I am 100% sure it's him, but again that thing called Data Protection gets in the way.

'Kent Police have now closed the book on Matt being missing.

'We are no way nearer to seeing him, talking to him or anything else, due to his human rights and Data Protection. I have written him a letter which I have emailed to the Foreign Embassy / Consulate in Madrid but they will not tell me if Matt is in receipt of my letter.

'All of this is very frustrating, as you can imagine, but until Matt reads my letter and phones us there is absolutely nothing we can do.'