'Mini McGregor' to fight 'Mini Mayweather' on eve of Vegas showdown

'Mini Mayweather' and 'Mini McGregor'
'Mini Mayweather' and 'Mini McGregor'

A ‘Mini McGregor’ will take on Floyd Mayweather’s tiny doppelganger is a Las Vegas showdown the night before the real fighters take to the ring.

The event, organised by Larry Flynt, will take place in the Hustler Club in the Nevada city and will see the two mini-fighters take each other on over three rounds. 

The Mini Mayweather previously took on a Mini Pacquiao in a previous fight back in 2015.  


That fight took place around the same time the real Mayweather and Pacquiao fight took place at the MGM in Vegas. 

The mini-boxers didn’t quite make it to the ring in the MGM, but did go at it in the lobby of the famous hotel before going for three rounds at Beacher’s Madhouse, where tickets cost an astonishing $1,500. 


Dwarf boxing is popular in the Philippines, where drunken western tourists cheer on mini fighters. 

The tourists are usually invited into the ring and take turns at being referee. 

The South China Morning Post recently reported that the fighters receive 250 pesos a night – the equivalent of about €5. 

“It’s barely enough to live on, especially when they have to travel long distances from their accommodation to get to work every night,” a worker in one of the bars said.“They’re really not treated well at all.”

Glorian Tomen, who runs the group Little People of the Philippines, described the fights as “degrading”. 

“People in the Philippines don’t understand what dwarfism is about and they make people like us the butt of ridicule,” she says. “I hope my fellow little people can find jobs that better suit them. The government should give more support so that little people can get jobs that do not degrade them.”