Miley Cyrus spits over fans from a water bottle at her Dublin show and encourages them to snog each other

Miley shocked fans with her antics
Miley shocked fans with her antics

Miley Cyrus caused yet more controversy in Dublin on Tuesday night when she spat water over fans and encouraged them to snog each other.

Cyrus left little to the imagination as she delivered on an as expected x-rated show at the 02 arena.

In front of a largely teenage female audience, the skimpily-dressed 21-year-old American delighted and shocked fans by

  • Drinking a bottle of water and spitting gulps of it into the front rows
  • Encouraging fans to be “slutty” by snogging those next to them, with several girls and one set of boys locking lips with each other at her urging for the cameras
  • Spanking the bottom of a large drag queen while a female dwarf pranced next to her
  • Flaunting a huge yellow banana and telling the audience it “touched my special place”
  • Gyrating on a giant frankfurter as she floated through the air above the crowd
  • Splashing about in a water filled pool with lads and girls wearing next to nothing
  • Showing video montages of her nipples and her mouth masked with tape in a bondage-style homage

“Hello Dublin, make some f***ing noise,” she yelled for her opening number ‘SMS Bangerz’ after sliding down a slithering tongue, which emerged from a huge face on the stage backdrop to a crescendo of cheers.

She was accompanied by a selection of dancers dressed as cuddly type cartoon characters, which seemed harmless enough until Miley started spanking a drag queen.

Miley came on stage at 8.52pm and went through six costume changes and 23 songs before sending her audience home happy when she finished up close to 10.40pm.

But despite the occasional expletive and shock value her set was mostly tepid and lacklustre.

Even attempts a cover of the classic Smiths track ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ – perhaps her ambition to earn some brownie points with music critics, but lost on her teen fanbase – was a washout, as was a half-hearted repose of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’, including a tirade launched at who knows with a jeer “you stupid slut, f**k you”.

But that didn’t stop her unwavering fans from giving homage to their idol.

“Someone is after throwing a tampon at me,” she giggled to pick up one item a fan aimed at her.

“Miley, Miley, Miley!,” went the chants.

While the devoted audience was mostly girls in their mid to late teens – and the 65-a-head show was not sold out with several rows of empty seats to the rear upstairs on either side empty – there were also some questionable attendees at the x-rated concert.

The Sunday World witnessed children as young as six or seven at the show.

“Are you sluttier than America,”” she asked, as she gulped a bottle of water and then spat it several times into the front rows. “Spit on me!” shouted one fan, while another shouted “I’d love some!”.

She then encouraged fans to “make out” with whoever was next to them, while a camera panned the audience and caught them on a large engagement ring which adorned the backdrop – we counted 14 sets of girls, two mixed sex couples and one pair of lads snogging when the camera descended on them, although a few opted out.

Miley told her audience that she has been enjoying Dublin since she has been here since Saturday.

“I drank way too much here,” she laughed, in clear reference to her night on the town in Dublin pubs Mulligans in Stoneybatter and the Brazen Head on the quays on Saturday evening.

The former Hannah Montana star spent Saturday and Sunday in the Four Seasons hotel.

She then played Belfast on Monday – although she had to be reminded by a band member at the 02 to tell here where she had been the night before.

Miley had been due to spend her final three nights at the Powerscourt hotel in Co Wicklow but loved the Four Seasons so much she returned there again and is due to leave there tomorrow for Montpellier in France for her next gig.

Her security team even went to the extraordinary lengths or erecting drapes around the main door of the Four Seasons on Tuesday afternoon to stop prying eyes when she emerged off her tour bus.

Miley ended her ended two-hour extravaganza last night with two encores including ‘Wrecking Ball’ and the finale ‘Party in the USA’ but, for all the bells and whistles, she still has a lot to learn from her targeted rivals such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears and even Madonna.