Michael Noonan had news about lower taxes this morning

A small cut in the USC is on the way
A small cut in the USC is on the way

There was good news for everybody in the country today as Minister for Finance Michael Noonan confirmed that a cut to the much despised Universal Social Charge is on the way.

The Minister was on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk this morning and during the conversation he delivered some good news for hard pressed tax payers.

Noonan said that he was “going to cut personal taxes. I’m going to cut USC by at least 1 per cent, maybe more."

He added that the idea was to make work more rewarding and encourage people to get back to work.

And it wasn't just USC that Noonan spoke about. He went on to say that to help out low and middle income earners there would be changes to two other taxes, PRSI and income tax.

Talk of changes to personal taxes had been made before but it seems that Budget 2016 will bring some relief for workers.

Of course, with an election looming, many will view the cuts as an attempt to sweeten the electorate after years of austerity while others will feel that only major cuts or, in the case of the USC, abolition, is the correct move for Budget 2016.

Only time will tell if the cuts sway the voting public.