Met Eireann issue high temperature warning as summer heatwave peaks

Anna Purchala & Gracja Formlla enjoying the sun
Anna Purchala & Gracja Formlla enjoying the sun

Met Eireann have taken the unusual step of issuing a high temperature warning ahead of tomorrow's expected peak of the summer heatwave.

The forecasters have issued a Status Yellow warning for five counties, where they say temperatures will hit 28 degrees.

The five counties under the warning are Dublin, Carlow, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath and the warning covers from midday tomorrow until 6pm.

Today is a little cooler than the last few days with Ulster, Connacht and coastal areas seeing temperatures in the region of 18 to 22 degrees.

The rest of the country will have a warmer Tuesday with a peak of 26 in some place.

There may be the odd shower tonight, some thundery, but it will still be a warm one, with temperatures in the region of 14 to 17 degrees overnight.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be the warmest day of the year so far, with the east again set to have the best of it.

All parts of the country will be very warm and humid, with the cloudier west seeing a peak of 27 degrees but Met Eireann warn that parts of Leinster will see temperatures of 27 to 28 degrees.

The warmest recorded temperature in the country in 2016 was 30.4C on July 19 at Mount Dillion at Roscommon.

The good news for those struggling with the heat is that the weather will cool on Wednesday night and by Thursday it will be a lot fresher with southwesterly winds seeing the temperatures drop back into the 16 to 20 range.

Friday will see some rain and again, it will be cooler, with the mercury failing to reach 20.

As for the weekend the outlook is mixed, with sunny spells, some showers and some wind, with temperatures staying in the mid teens.

And with three children hospitalised in Dublin with sunburn in recent days, please heed the advice of the HSE regarding young children in the sun

The advice is as follows:

  • Keep babies under 6 months in the shade.
  • Keep older children safe by following the SunSmart Code:
  • Slip on sun protective clothing
  • Slap on a hat - a wide brim that gives shade to the face, neck and ears
  • Slop on sunscreen – use appropriate factor and reapply often and always after swimming.
  • Seek shade – especially between 11 a.m and 3 p.m.
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses from as early an age as possible