Meath medical student crowned Rose of Tralee

Elysha Brennan
Elysha Brennan

Second year medical student Elysha Brennan wept with joy and claimed that she never had "such big shoes to fill" as she was crowned the 2015 Rose of Tralee.

The 22-year-old was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma weeks before her repeat Leaving Cert and has been in remition for the past two years.

"I have never been surrounded by such inspirational, moving, strong, driven, focused, ambitious, wonderful, spectacular, young ladies... I am in such good company, I thank you so much and I hope to do the Rose of Tralee proud,” she said.

"I suppose I've experienced the lowest of lows and this is just the highest of highs.

"The Rose of Tralee was on the bucket list but to become a rose was my Rose of Tralee and this has just surpassed any sort of dream or hopes or aspirations I've ever had.

"I went into this looking at it as an experience and it has certainly been the best experience of my life."

Elysha was serenaded by country crooner Daniel O’Donnell on the night who sang the ballad The Rose of Tralee.