McGregor's neighbours on millionaires' estate hit out at UFC champ

McGregor at Ladycastle estate
McGregor at Ladycastle estate

Conor McGregor has been slapped down by neighbours in his millionaires’ private estate on the K Club, after his team of bodyguards stationed themselves in a common area outside his rented €2 million home.

The Sunday World has learned that residents in the exclusive Ladycastle estate in the K Club complained to the estate’s board of management that they felt they were no longer able to use an area of the cul-de-sac to turn their cars.

It is understood the board informed residents that it had prepared a letter to be sent to the owners of the home – which is rented by McGregor – requiring his protection team to confine themselves to his property.

The Sunday World understands McGregor was not in Ireland at the time of the AGM, which was held on November 15 last.

McGregor had fought and beaten the UFC’s Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden in New York three days earlier.


McGregor also recently posted photographs of the luxurious property on Instagram and three weeks ago put up a video of himself and a pal sparring on the same common area neighbours had complained about at the meeting. The video was watched more than four million times.

McGregor and his guests regularly park a fleet of top-of-the-range luxury vehicles, including Maseratis and Range Rovers, in the area.

Sources this week confirmed to the Sunday World that legal representatives for the Ladycastle board of management read a draft of a letter to be sent to French Estates, who manage the property.

They had let the four-bedroom property at the end of a cul-de-sac in the estate for a sum of €4,000 a month.

A source told our reporters: “At the meeting one of the residents raised the issue of the private security firm being stationed in the oval outside McGregor’s home.

“The resident said the presence of the private security team was causing unease for some residents as there are already security gates on the estate and it was preventing them from using the oval to turn their vehicles.

“The legal representative for the board of management responded that a letter had already been prepared and was to be sent to French Estates.

“The letter said that although the board of management accepted that due to the high profile of the tenant living in the property they understood he might feel he had greater security needs, but any such security personnel were to be confined to the property.”


McGregor moved into his four-bedroom luxury home in the exclusive Ladycastle estate with partner Dee Devlin in late 2015.

Stunner Devlin is due to have a baby with the star any day now.

On Friday, the UFC fighter shared a post on Instagram which showed himself and Dee “in the hoppo” – sparking hundreds of congratulations messages from well-wishers.

But a few hours later, Conor shared another picture, suggesting the couple would have to wait a little longer.

The post, which features an image of the fighter with his hands together and head bowed between two belts, informed fans that the baby had not yet been born.

The caption reads: “Thanks everyone but we are ‘not there yet’. He a true McGregor, he rushes for nobody hahaha.”

Dee celebrated with a baby shower at the Aqua restaurant overlooking Howth harbour in early April.

The expectant mother shared a picture of her cradling her baby bump, wearing a white ribbed dress and pastel pink cardigan.

“I had the best day at my baby shower yesterday! Huge thank you to my sisters, my/Conor’s sisters and Lynn Hunter for all their organising! And of course biggest thank you to Conor who was behind it all! It was a day to remember!” she posted.

McGregor announced late last year he and Dee would be welcoming their first child and in February he expressed fears for his baby’s safety in public and warned fans not to mob him on the street.

“I’m not trying to bring a kid into that. If someone comes near me when I have my kid in my hands, like the way they come near me now, looking for pictures, someone’s gonna be badly hurt,” he said.

Similarly, the MMA superstar said he would be taking some time off after welcoming the new arrival to spend with his family and doesn’t want their lives to become a celebrity circus.

“I don’t want to be bringing a child into anything like this. I don’t want any celebrity-type s***, I hate all that. I don’t want my family to be like that. 

“So that’s a thing in the back of my head so I’m just going to have this baby, take a little bit of time and see what way I feel after that.”