McGregor predicts he will take out Jose Aldo out within four minutes of the first round

McGregor: "He will definitely be out on his feet within the first four minutes"
McGregor: "He will definitely be out on his feet within the first four minutes"

CONOR MCGregor has promised to beat Jose Also within four minutes of the first round in their World Featherweight fight in July.

Both fighters were in Dublin today to meet media and fans in the lead up to the bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“I'm looking forward to the fight,” boomed McGregor at the Dublin Convention Centre. “I feel in good shape. The most important shape you can be in is mental shape. I'm in good state of mind.”

But he predicts he will win the bout within four minutes of the first round.

“I'll hit him, he'll wobble and panic,” he predicts. “I'll hit him again and he'll fall.

“I said he would be done within four minutes of the first round and then it would be a formality after that. How long his chin can hold up after that is up to him. He has been through many many wars in his career. 

“Every single fight he comes out busted up. He’s banged up badly after every single fight.

“There’s only so much the chin can take before you get hit by someone like me. He will definitely be out on his feet within the first four minutes. It will be a formality after that. 

“How long he can take, we will see, but the fight will be wrapped up within four minutes of the first round.”

Despite the build-up he says the pair have not had any bust-ups so far.

“He has done absolutely nothing to me,” he pointed out. “He won't even look me in the eye. I think his kicking game is overrated. He has got a good low right kick, he cannot kick high.

“Stance change is going to be a factor, definitely, because I am a southpaw leading with my right foot, he is an orthodox leading with his left foot. 

“I have won fights before, where an opponent throws a heavy right kick, I check it and the foot snaps, the foot shackles.

“If he throws a hard leg kick in and it’s not timed right and I check it, his foot will break. It has happened many times before when a southpaw faces an orthodox.”

As for Aldo: “He hasn't opened his mouth to me. He's sloppy.

“If he comes in sloppy against me, I'll hit him somewhere around the temple. We'll exchange one or two good blows but he'll get wild.

McGregor says if he wins the bout he would love to defend his title in Dublin.

“I'd fight in the 3 Arena, I'd fight in here,” he raved. “I would embrace fighting at home.”

He is also appreciative of Irish fans flying over to support him.

“I know that people are struggling and for them to save up to come and see me,” he says. “That's what spurs me on. I'm grateful to the people.”

And he admits that money is important to him from the sport as he wants to make a decent living.

“I'm not into the showbusiness,” he stresses. “I'm into the fight business. I want security. I want my family to be comfortable.”

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