McGregor - Aldo bout may be in jeopardy after fighter reportedly cracks his rib

Injury: The Aldo and McGregor fight could be in jeopardy
Injury: The Aldo and McGregor fight could be in jeopardy

The much-anticipated Conor McGregor-Jose Aldo fight next month may be in jeopardy after it emerged one of the contenders may have received a serious rib injury.

Rumours began circulating yesterday that Aldo had received a fractured rib during a sparring session. 

However, well-known MMA sports correspondent Anna Hissa confirmed the alleged injury occurred this morning. 

UFC have already invested a lot in the fight and could stand to lose a lot of money if Aldo is forced to withdraw. 

It is unlikely the champion will be able to recover from a fractured rib by 11 July, if the reports are true. 

The alternative is to reschedule the fight for a later date or to approach another contender to take Aldo's place.

However, this will be a huge upset for Irish fans who have already booked flights, accommodation and tickets for the aforementioned date. 

The Aldo camp has been approached for comment but has remained quiet on the extent of the alleged injury. However, reports suggest he is TBD - an acronym for 'to be determined.'

According to Globbo, Aldo was taken to hospital following the injury where he underwent two tests, including a CT scan which confirmed the fractured rib. 

The usual required amount of time needed to recuperate from such an injury is three to four weeks. 

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