Matt Cooper calls George Hook a "criminal" during cyclist fines argument

Heated: Matt Cooper and George Hook during the exchange
Heated: Matt Cooper and George Hook during the exchange

Keen cyclist Matt Cooper has branded George Hook a "criminal" during a televised debate surrounding cyclists and the introduction of fines for road offences.

Cooper appeared alongside the broadcaster on ‘Ireland AM’ this morning to discuss Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe’s announcement yesterday that cyclists will be hit with €40 for a range of different offences

Cooper reacted with a strongly-worded rebuttal after Hook said he “hates cyclists with a passion” and classed them all as “criminals”.

Matt was quick to interject, pointing out George’s previous traffic offences.

“He [George] goes on about criminals, George, you’re the criminal. You’ve got a string of road traffic offence convictions.

“I found three last night when I was searching the internet over a short period of time. There was a Judge who said that you were close to being, what was the phrase that was used? 

A ‘serial traffic offender’ and you were in court a number of times for breaking the speed limit. Speed is the most dangerous thing on the road.”

A disconcerted George initially retaliated but became more and more frosty as the interview went on. 

You can catch the full interview here.