Massive blaze at Dublin shopping centre

Massive blaze at Dublin shopping centre

A large fire broke out last night at the Ballymun Shopping Centre in north Dublin.

25-units of Dublin fire brigade responded to the fire which started in an empty unit located adjacent to the Towers Pub.

Dublin Fire Brigade said the alarm was raised shortly before 10.30pm.

Initially, four tenders attended the scene as well as a turntable ladder and two district officers.

A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade said firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control and managed to prevent the fire from spreading and damaging other parts of the shopping centre.

By 11.30pm, one of the units left the scene as the fire was brought further under control. The spokesperson said ESB crews were also dispatched to the scene as there were fears electrical cables could catch fire.

There was also concern that one of the walls in the unit had become unstable and was in danger of collapse.

There were no injuries reported and it was unclear how the blaze broke out.

Separately, two crews from Dublin Fire Brigade attended a house fire on Lough Derg Road in Raheny where one person suffered smoke inhalation.

The alarm was raised at 11.35pm last night.

The person who was in the house was treated at the scene and was later taken to hospital. The fire was extinguished before midnight.