Man whose body was found in a boot 'was stabbed 200 times'

Kyle Neil
Kyle Neil
Wesley Harry Vance
Wesley Harry Vance

A court has heard how a murdered Belfast man, living in Bangor, was stabbed 200 times in a frenzied attack on April 12, 2015.

Kyle Neil, 23, was found in the boot of a car in South Belfast last year.

Wesley Harry Vance, 27, pleaded guilty to the murder. 

A 26-year-old woman, Stephanie Todd, pleaded guilty to obstructing the police and driving while under the influence of excess alcohol.

Vance killed Mr Neil at his former address in Comber, Church Gate Studios, during a row which happened after a party.

During the attack, Mr Neil was stabbed up to 50 times to his face, 52 times to the back, trunk and neck and 64 times to the chest.

He also suffered wounds to his hands as he tried to defend himself.

The court heard how Vance then wrapped the body of Mr Neil in a blanket, and Ms Todd, who was Vance's girlfriend at the time, drove the car from Comber to Windsor Avenue in South Belfast to her mothers house.

Todd's mother phoned the police who arrested Todd and Vance at the scene. 

A judge is expected to sentence the pair on Monday.