Friends insist man who spent €2k on two glasses of whiskey is “not an arrogant b****cks”

Friends insist man who spent €2k on two glasses of whiskey is “not an arrogant b****cks”

In Galway, they often call Race Week ‘silly season’ and many punters will tell you that the only thing sillier than spending €1,000 on a glass of whiskey is spending almost €2,000 on two glasses.

Yet, that’s exactly what one punter did after scooping a massive win on an online bet and now, his friend who shared the expensive tipple has spoken out about the incident.

According to a report in the Connacht Tribune, the buyer was a Connemara native who arrived back to Galway late on Wednesday evening after living abroad.

After meeting a friend, he went to the Front Door Bar on High Street at about 1:30am with the dangerous combination of deep pockets and a dry throat.

His friend gave a bit more detail to the Connacht Tribune, while maintaining that his mate is not “an arrogant b****cks” as he works hard for his money and gives plenty of cash to charity.

He said: “(My friend) is a big fan of whiskey, he’d always wanted to try this rare whiskey and knew it was the only pub in Ireland which sold it by the glass.

"He had a few pound in his back pocket after winning €1,000 in an online bet and he decided to run with it. He was in a celebratory mood. I spent 20 minutes trying to talk him out of it, but he was set on it.”

The whiskey bought was from a bottle of Midleton Pearl Very Rare 30th Anniversary.

With only 117 bottles produced in the whole world, the top-shelf brand is one of Ireland’s rarest whiskeys, and a single measure sets customers back an eye-watering €995.

The total bill came to €1,990, with the customer leaving the barperson a generous €10 tip to round it to €2k.

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