Man who raped and killed Irish woman Jill Meagher found guilty of further rapes

Vile sex beast Adrian Bayley has been found guilty of another three rapes
Vile sex beast Adrian Bayley has been found guilty of another three rapes

Adrian Bayley, the man who murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher after raping her in Australia in 2012, has been found guilty raping another three women.

The sick sex-attacker was found guilty by a jury at Victoria Court in Melbourne of raping a Dutch backpacker in July 2012 – just prior to the sickening murder of Jill Meagher in September.

The vile sex beast was also found guilty of raping a 25-year-old sex worker in April of that year, as well as the rape of another 18-year-old prostitute in 2000.

Bayley, who is now serving a life sentence of which he must serve at least 35 years for the murder of the Irishwoman, has now been found guilty of 10 rapes – and attempting another two attacks.

The sickening rape and murder of the ABC radio employee  Meagher (29) outraged many who see the crime as a catastrophic failure of the Australian judicial system.

Bayley was on parole at the time of the murder and had a long history of violence against women.

Speaking to the court when Bayley was sentenced Jill's husband Tom Meagher said: “I think of the waste of a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul at the hands of a grotesque and soulless human being... I am half a person because of this crime."

Ms Meagher's family said at the time: "This despicable crime against Gillian has happened and it has taken nine months to get resolved and to get justice.

"The police and prosecutors have ensured that justice has been done and we as a family want to thank them for this."