Man removed from flight at Dublin Airport after snapping pics of attendant's backside

The incident occured on board a Flybe plane
The incident occured on board a Flybe plane

A man was removed from a plane at Dublin Airport after taking pictures of a flight attendant just before take-off, it has emerged.

It is understood that he was taking inappropriate pictures of the Flybe member of staff with his mobile phone.

It is believed that she was going through the pre-flight safety procedure when he started taking the photos.

However, the man was caught in the act and was asked to remove the images from the phone.

The incident occurred on a Flybe flight last Friday night, which was departing from Dublin, destined for Cardiff.

A passenger who was on the flight claimed that the man was taking photographs of the flight attendant's behind while she was carrying out the pre-flight safety demonstration.

Bizarrely, the man claimed that he was not able to delete the images that he had taken.

"Just before take-off, while staff were going through the safety demonstration, a worker claimed that a man was taking pictures of her.

"The individual was asked to remove the pictures.

"He initially refused to, but then said that he wasn't able to, which is hard to believe. Security staff were then called," a source said.

Airport police were alerted by the crew and the man was taken off the flight, after it had taxied back to the terminal.

A spokesperson for Flybe said: "The matter is now in the hands of the police and Flybe will not be commenting further."

However, the man was not arrested and it is believed that no further action will be taken in relation to the incident.

Despite the incident, the plane managed to eventually take-off - albeit at a slightly delayed time.

The gardai did not make any arrest after the incident.

Last year, a drunk passenger was removed from a Dublin flight after becoming intoxicated and asking a flight attendant for sex.

The incident occurred on a Sun Express flight from Dublin to the popular Turkish resort of Izmir.

The man is said to have stripped off shortly after take-off, before waving his genitals at other passengers.

He is then alleged to have asked a horrified crew member for sex.

It was reported that the man then began to jump on seats, cheered on by his group of friends.

After the flight crew had failed to get the man to calm down, the captain was forced to divert the flight to Belgrade.

Police in the Serbian capital were waiting for the aircraft when it landed.