Man hospitalised after e-cigarette allegedly scorched hole in his lung

The man's lung was scorched by the leaking e-cigarette
The man's lung was scorched by the leaking e-cigarette

A father-of-three had to be hospitalised after his e-cigarette allegedly scorched a hole in his lungs and spewed hot nicotine down his throat.

Richard Courtney (33), from Surrey in England, purchased the instrument, costing £100 (€136) in a effort to give up his habit of smoking.

"I started vaping to try to give up after 16 years of smoking.

"I can’t believe it put me in hospital," he said.

Courtney was making his way home from a friend's house on foot when he began to experience an unusual taste in his mouth and started to cough.

“Then it felt like I’d got a trapped nerve in my shoulder.

"In the morning I had a really tight chest and couldn’t breathe properly.

“I went to hospital. One of the nurses there put my vape on an oxygen tube and showed that it was spitting liquid out," he told The Sun.

Doctors told him that his right lung was operating at only 25pc of its total capacity.

Courtney was kept in hospital over night and advised to use an inhaler when he was discharged.

However, a couple of days later his chest tightened again and he was readmitted.

He said that the experience has meant that he has reverted to smoking the odd roll up.

"I’m such an addict I can’t just go cold turkey even after what happened," he said.

Sarah Jane Murphy