Alexander Pacteau detained by police in connection with Karen's disappearance

Arrest: Alexander Pacteau
Arrest: Alexander Pacteau

Police confirmed they have detained courier firm director Alexander Pacteau in connection with the disappearance of Irish student Karen Buckley.

Pacteau, who was initially said to be assisting police with their investigation, told officers he left a nightclub with the nurse and was intimate with her on the night of her disappearance.

Recent reports indicate that a man is to appear in court after remains thought to be those of missing student Karen Buckley were discovered on farmland.

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Alexander Pacteau met Karen Buckley at Sanctuary nightclub

Police said the 21-year-old was not being treated as a suspect but it has been confirmed he is now the chief suspect in the student's disappearance.

In a dramatic u-turn this evening, police detained him and took him into custody for official questioning at approximately 6.25pm. 

Pacteau’s mother Noreen, 43, told The Daily Record:

“As you can tell by the police reports, he is not a suspect. She left his property at four o’clock in the morning and she was seen by other witnesses, not Alexander.

“So he is not a suspect.”
Buckley (24) has not been seen for almost four days and police divers, a helicopter crew and search dogs are all now involved in the search for her.
Police have today sealed off an area of land near High Craigton farm and Windyhills Golf Club on a country road between Glasgow and Drymen. They said they are following a "definite line of enquiry" in the search for the 24-year-old. 
Yesterday, teams scoured Dawsholm Park where her handbag was found and a nearby flat in Dorchester Avenue where the student was reportedly last seen.
Two officers in forensic suits entered the flat and an area to the rear of the block was taped off.
Pacteau, who has appeared in court before in relation to printing counterfeit money, was involved in a serious car crash four years ago and placed in an induced coma for several weeks. In November 2011, he suffered a broken hip and ribs in the accident and a court heard he was on crutches for six months. 
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His lawyer argued he began printing money because he was unable to work following the accident. 
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