Man 'caught on camera having sex with pet donkey' blames weed


A man allegedly caught on camera having sex with a donkey initially claimed he was just feeding it carrots, before then telling cops he did 'sick things' when he smoked cannabis.

The Daily Record report on the alleged incident, which took place in Arkansas in the US.

A family there spotted a man allegedly having sex with their pet donkey and called the cops.

Officers found the man crouching in a bush near the family's home in the early hours of the morning.

He initially told cops he was just out for a walk and feeding the animals carrots before he admitted to 'sexual contact' with the donkey when he wad told there was CCTV recording him.

The man also claimed that marijuana made him do 'sick things'.

The man, who denies having sex with the animal, has been charged with bestiality, animal cruelty and trespassing and he is due back in court next month.