Man buys new Smart car, it bursts into flames, gets six penalty points

NewsBy Jamie McDowell
Mr Yeung's new car burns, then he gets six points
Mr Yeung's new car burns, then he gets six points

A Limavady man has had, quite possibly, the worst day ever.

Wai Hung Yeung had travelled all the way to Belfast to buy his daughter a new car.

But on his way home, smoke  started coming from his Smart car, which then burst into a ball of flames.

Mr Yeung was able to get out of the car without being hurt, and was forced to abandon it on the hard shoulder of the M2 outside Antrim on March 27 of this year.

But when the police arrived on the scene, they found that Mr Yeung was actually uninsured to drive the car.

So not only had the 47-year-old just watched his 20-minute-old car burn to the ground in a ball of flames and black smoke, he was then told by police that he could expect a court appearance 

On Tuesday, Mr Yeung was fined £25 by a judge, and had six points added to his licence for driving a motor vehicle without insurance.