Man bitten on penis by venomous spider while in portaloo

Man bitten on penis by venomous spider while in portaloo

A 21-year-old man has been hospitalised after being bitten by a deadly arachnoid - on his penis.

The Australian tradesman was relieving himself in a portable toilet at a Sydney building site this morning when the incident occurred.

A venomous redback spider bit the young man on the penis and he immediately took himself to hospital.

BBC News reported that a spokesperson for St George Hospital confirmed they were treating a 21-year-old man for a redback bite.

A spokesman from the New South Wales ambulance service told Adelaide Now that despite the shocking injury, the young man somehow found his own way to the hospital.

"He's somehow managed to get alternative transport to hospital," the spokesman said.

A bite from the distinctive redback spider - its name deriving from the long red stripe on its abdomen - causes sweating, nausea - and severe pain.

An anti-venom for the redback bite was developed in 1956 and no related deaths have been recorded since.

The man was later discharged from the hospital in a stable condition.