Man arrested after alleged attempted child abduction in Dublin

Meath Street in Dublin (Image via Google Maps)
Meath Street in Dublin (Image via Google Maps)

A mother has described the nightmare moment a man allegedly tried to snatch her baby from a pram on a busy city street.

Sarah Conway (27) claims the man first tried to snatch a young boy before lunging at her one-year-old daughter Hallie.

However the infant was saved because she was strapped into her pram.

Gardaí have arrested a 41 year-old-man in connection with the incident and a file is now being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecuitions.

Speaking to Ms Conway warned other mothers to be careful about abduction attempts.

She explained that she was walking along Meath Street in Dublin’s South inner city on Tuesday at around 5pm with daughter Amelia (2) and Hallie who was in a buggy.

“As I was coming up the street there was a woman walking up with a 7-year-old child.

“I saw a black man coming back towards her. He grabbed the child’s wrist and the woman was screaming ‘get off my child, get off my child’.”

Ms Conway explained that the man then turned his attention on her.

“As she pushed the man off her child he stumbled towards me. He saw me and he saw the child. He looked me straight in the eye.

“He then put his hand under my child in the pram, under her bum, and he started trying to lift the child out.

“Thank god the child was strapped in, otherwise he would have taken her away.”

She continued: “It really panicked me. I think I was in shock. I just panicked and ran. You never think something like that would happen to you.

“I always thought that if anyone ever did that to me or my children then I would just punch their lights out. I was so scared that I just ran.”

Ms Conway raced to Martins’ butcher shop where she sought refuge.

Paralysed by fear Ms Conway went home that night and later that evening she reported the matter to Kevin Street garda station.

Ms Conway also took to social media to warn others about the man and one woman contacted her to say that she had also had a similar experience.

The woman wrote: “I think it's the same guy that tried to attack me on Cork Street yesterday [Tuesday] at around half 5. Only a taxi driver pulled in and got him away from me. Think he was on something. Hope your little girl is ok??”

The matter has been reported to gardaí.

A garda spokesman confirmed that a 41-year-old man was arrested in Dublin's South Inner City on Wednesday and held at Kevin Street Garda station under Section 4 of the criminal justice act.

He was released earlier today and a file is now being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Ms Conway said she was still shaken by the incident. Her daughter Amelia is also upset while Hallie is “too young to realise” how close she came.

“That evening she lay asleep in bed and I just looked at her. I kept wondering what might have happened to her.

“I don’t know what that person wanted with her.”

A garda spokesman said a man was arrested in Dublin's south inner city for intoxication and public order offences.