M50 w**ker caught on camera having a high speed hand party

M50 w**ker caught on camera having a high speed hand party

A Dublin commuter was caught on camera as he cruised down the nation’s biggest motorway while masturbating at the wheel of his little black hatchback.

The man can be seen in the footage, trousers around his ankles, shamelessly fiddling with himself on the busy motorway.

The clip, which has been shared thousands of times was highlighted on a the Dublin Talks show yesterday.

From the footage it is clear that the man had been having a serious self-gratification session for some time as the cameraman's phone was ready to capture the grimy scene from a moving vehicle as he passed.

This comes just a week after gardai launched a search for a Dublin Bus wa**er following a bizarre assault.

Sources stated that the sexual assault was carried out on a crowded Dublin Bus in broad daylight.

It is understood that a male, who has not yet been identified, was masturbating on a seat on the top deck.

The vehicle came to a sudden stop and the individual was thrown forward on to another female passenger, while his trousers were still down.

The terrified woman screamed for help and the man was thrown off the bus.

It is understood that the complainant is aged in her mid- 20s.