Creighton urges people to join "open" party Renua Ireland

Open: Creighton and Hobbs at the launch of the party in Trinity College (Mark Condren)
Open: Creighton and Hobbs at the launch of the party in Trinity College (Mark Condren)

Lucinda Creighton today launched her new political party, which is called “Renua Ireland”, and she has a group of approximately 180 people ready to offer themselves as candidates for public office.

Creighton today promised 'open politics' and spoke of the need to 'liberate politics from broken promises and failed policies'. 

Speaking at the launch of the new party at the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, the Dublin South East TD said the party will operate as openly as possible and she urged as many people as possible to join.
She spent much of the launch outlining the guiding principles of the new party, the chief one being transparency. 
""I would refer to this new policy as government in the sunshine, a completely open policy where there is no need for cabinet confidentiality, except of course for security issues.
"We should trust Irish citizens with the truth." she added. 
"Most parties don't have a code of conduct, unlike Renua. Anyone who breaks code of ethics will not be allowed stay in party."
Her party will be centre-right, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, and a focus on enterprise and business to fuel the country's economy. 
Alongside financial advisor Eddie Hobbs, Creighton said it was time to ensure the benefits of our strong-performing economy was suitably distributed evenly around the country.
"This is the beginning of an open political party," Eddie Hobbs said at the launch.
With regards to funding, Creighton said it is going to be difficult and a 'huge' challenge.
"We will be relying on the goodwill and generosity of the Irish people. There is already an appetite. We will be doing it in a transparent fashion and publishing our accounts."