Luas security guard stabbed in frenzied attack after intervening in fight

Stabbed: The incident occurred last night at the Milltown Luas stop on the Green Line
Stabbed: The incident occurred last night at the Milltown Luas stop on the Green Line

A Luas security guard is in serious condition after being stabbed during a fight on the Green Line last night.

Three people, including two security personnel, were attacked with two receiving stab wounds during the incident at the Milltown Luas stop last night. 

The incident occurred shortly before 8pm last night as two Special Task Team (STT) personnel intervened in a fight between three young men.

They initially believed the fight was one among friends but soon realised one of the males was being attacked with a knife. He was being stabbed in the neck, leg and back, it was reported. 

As the two security workers tried to intervene they were attacked by the two assailants. The thugs produced a can of pepper spray and temporarily left the two security men blinded. 

One of the attackers then lunged at the security personnel, stabbing one of them in the leg. 

They were, however, able to subdue the two men and detain them until Gardai arrived at the scene. They were arrested at the scene, a Gardai spokesperson confirmed. 

Following the attack Gardai closed off the Milltown stop to conduct a forensic examination. 

Emergency services were called and the STT workers, along with the initial victim were, rushed to St Vincent's Hospital. The 28-year-old security worker is said to sustained a serious stab wound but his injuries are no thought to be life-threatening. 

The other victim is believed to have sustained serious injuries, also. 

A source told the Herald how workers are regularly the targets of a gang of youths on the Green Line, with sinister threats being made on a regular basis.

As well as being told they will be stabbed by the gang, missiles are also frequently launched at security guards as they operate in the Milltown area.

On St Patrick's Day two men were seriously assaulted after being set upon by a gang of youths at the Tallaght Luas stop. One of the victims was knocked unconscious during the assault.