Luas drivers paid more than European counterparts

Luas drivers paid more than European counterparts

During their 26-week induction period, Luas drivers can be paid between €32,311 to €34,106.

A yearly salary for a Dublin tram driver ranges from €35,901 in their first year to €42,247 after nine years in the job. These figures apply for a 39-hour week.

The pay scale for Irish Rail drivers ranges from €43,717 to €55,239 for a 43-hour week. Those wages remain the same for Dart drivers.

Data compiled by the Herald shows that Luas drivers are paid more than their counterparts on many other major tramlines in Europe.

It shows their salary is almost twice as high as a Blackpool tram drivers' wages, which currently stand between €20,588 (£16,000) and €21,875 (£17,000). Metrolink drivers in Manchester earn between €26,957 (£21,000) and €35,176 (£27,400).

In Barcelona, a tram driver can be paid between €29,140 and €30,849.

Meanwhile, a Dublin Bus driver can earn between €33,000 and €38,500 per year. A spokesperson for the service said the average salary for a driver was around €38,000.