Look at the size of this shark caught by a fisherman off the coast of Australia

The shark just after it was caught off the coast of Australia
The shark just after it was caught off the coast of Australia

Dylan Moran was right when he wondered aloud why anyone would want to live in Australia.

"It's a totally inhospitable place," he said, "you shouldn't be here, the sun, you live about three quarters of a mile from it, I've seen insects walking around with kneepads, you fling yourselves into the sea when you're not actually walking around audibly crackling in the heat and the sea is full of things designed exclusively to kill you, sharks, jellyfish, swimming knives, they're all there."

There are many things in and around Australia that are designed to kill you, and sharks are definitely one of the most terrifying. 

The latest one they've pulled from the ocean had just devoured whole a six-foot hammerhead shark before he was reeled in. 

A fisherman named Matthew told the Northern Star in Australia he was trying to catch the hammerhead when the monster arose from the depths. 

"I was fighting the Hammerhead and he came up and swallowed it," he said.

"You can't turn around and go no, don't touch, to something like that."

The 14-foot shark was caught about three weeks ago, 14 miles off Tweed Heads, Matthew said.

Compared to others Tiger sharks he'd seen, Matthew said this specimen was small.

"I'm always on the water; either on it, in it, or under it," he said. "I dive with sharks; I love diving with sharks.

"I've dived with sharks bigger than that, it's only a little one.

"I've seen Tiger Sharks 24 feet-long off Tweed."

He said Tiger sharks were every bit as fearsome as Great Whites.

"Metre for metre a Tiger Shark's bite is bigger than a white," he said.

"They just have different teeth and a different biting technique."

Geoff Brooks - who uploaded the pictures to Facebook - said: "As far as I’m aware; It was a kill order on a shark here on the far north coast that was identified as being responsible for a local attack."

"And yes – it’s real."

It was apparently sold to a fish market but the fisherman kept the jaw as a souvenir.