Lockdown to continue ahead of Eddie Hutch funeral this week

Eddie Hutch
Eddie Hutch

GERRY ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s murdered brother, Eddie, will be laid to rest on Friday amid tight security.

The father-of-three (right) was gunned down in his house on Poplar Row last week.

Taxi driver Eddie (59) had no known involvement in crime and was seen as a “soft target”.

His killing, allegedly carried out by members of the Christy Kinahan drugs cartel, was seen as a revenge attack for the assassination of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel.

Eddie was the brother of Gerry (52), the suspected armed robber known as The Monk.

Their nephew, Gary Hutch (34), was shot dead in Spain last September, allegedly by the Kinahan gang.

There will be an increased garda presence on the streets ahead of the second gangland funeral in only a week.

It will take place at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Sean McDermott Street.

Specialists have obtained crucial forensic evidence from the getaway car used by four gunmen who shot Eddie Hutch at least nine times on the attack last Monday.


In a statement at the weekend, the Hutch family revealed that they are being “terrorised” by the Kinahan gang, who they accused of making repeated attempts to kill The Monk.

“Gary had a falling-out with the Kinahan organisation This matter was resolved and €200,000 in cash was paid over to the Kinahans.

“We shook hands and agreed to walk away. Gary was then murdered for no reason. You cannot trust these people.”

The statement confirmed that a meeting took place two weeks ago between Hutch family representatives and the Kinahans to prevent further bloodshed.

However, the crime cartel was accused of demanding another €200,000 as the price of peace.

“The Kinahan organisation has attempted to kill Gerard (‘The Monk’) on several occasions in recent months. We are being terrorised by the cartel,” the statement said.

“Kinahan’s representatives said members of our family would be killed or forced to leave their homes and Ireland if their demands for money were not met.”

The family said Eddie Hutch senior had been approached with a demand for money days before his murder.

They also denied that the family was involved in a drugs war and said they did not want to become involved in a spiral of violence

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