Local community 'breaks law' to put up CCTV cameras to stop criminals

Members of the Errill community and one of the cameras
Members of the Errill community and one of the cameras

A rural community fed up being the target of criminals spent €15k on technically illegal CCTV cameras in a bid to stop the crooks. And it appears to have worked a treat!

The Community Alert group in Errill in Co Laois splashed the cash to put cameras on every approach road to the village and they claim there hasn't been a single break-in in the area since the cameras went up.

"We put the cameras up without planning permission because we could not afford to wait around because of red tape and we have no intention of taking them down," local businessman Martin Bergin told the Irish Independent.

He added: "This success came about because we broke the rules and we make no apologies for that because it is a small price to pay to protect our community.

"The criminals don't believe in upholding the law whereas their victims and the gardaí must play by the rules.

"We had to learn how to fix and maintain the cameras which apparently is also against the rules but it is the only way our community can protect itself."

Martin goes on to say that the nearest Garda station is a 30-minute drive away and it closes at 9pm so it is impossible for the area to be policed.