Limerick man's ninth personal injury claim brings total award to €115k

Limerick man's ninth personal injury claim brings total award to €115k

A Limerick man was awarded €10,000 in a personal injury claim yesterday, his ninth personal injury claim over the last two decades, leading the judge to call him 'a very unfortunate, accident-prone individual'.

Today's Star reports on 38-year-old Anthony Lynch from Dromroe, Rhebogue, Limerick, who was in court seeking general damages as a result of a road traffic accident near Thomond Bridge in Limerick on March 26 last year.

The court heard how the van he was in was struck from behind and Lynch was left with six months of neck, shoulder and lower back pain as well as 'psychological issues'.

During the course of the case before Judge James O'Donohue at Limerick Circuit Court, the court heard details of eight previous claims by Lynch over the previous two decades.

In 1998 Lynch was awarded £6,000 (€7,600) plus costs after a road traffic accident. 

In 2001 another road accident resulted in an award of €14,000 plus costs.

An undated accident at his job saw Lynch sue Limerick Bread Company and he was awarded €11,000 and costs.

In 2008, Lynch sued Limerick County Council over exposure to noxious fumes. In this case he was awarded €13,000 plus costs.

A case against Homebase House and Garden Centre Limerick in 2010 over an accident involving a defective toilet seat led to an award of €20,000.

Also in 2010 a road accident led to an award of €20,000 plus legal costs.

In January 2013, Lynch sued Silvercrest Food as he claimed he had eaten horsemeat on the day that news of that scandal broke in Ireland. That led to an award of €7,500.

In August of that year, a 'trip and fall accident' led to Lynch successfully suing Eircom for €12,000 plus costs.

Speaking to the court, Judge O'Donohue said that Lynch was 'a very unfortunate, accident prone individual'.

As he awarded €10,000 plus costs relating to the 2015 incident the judge added: 'he has been well compensated in the past'.