Lidl and Aldi recalling fish due to high levels of histamine

Lidl's Inismara Mackerel Fillets
Lidl's Inismara Mackerel Fillets

Lidl and Aldi are recalling batches of mackerel fillets due to high levels of histamine.

Regarding the Lidl recall, customers are warned the Inismara Irish Mackerel Fillets, pack size 300g with use by date of July 2, 2017, should be discarded. 

Aldi is recalling a batch of its Skellig Bay mackerel fillets due to elevated levels of histamine. 

Although the affected batch is past its ‘use by date’, consumers may have this batch in their freezers as the label indicates that the product is suitable for home freezing.

Consumers who have the implicated batch frozen at home are advised not to eat it.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued the recall yesterday, citing levels of histamine which breach food safety standards.