'Laziness is not a disability': Gardai crack down on disabled parking abuse

The image posted by gardai today
The image posted by gardai today

An Garda Siochana's crack down on abuse of disabled parking spaces had another success this morning.

Operation Enable was launched in March with the goal of reminding, and punishing, motorists who use disabled parking spaces when they are not entitled to use them.

Today, gardai tweeted the latest motorist to be caught flouting the rules, adding 'laziness is not a disability'.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative Richard Ryder, Marketing Manager for the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland said: "The most common excuse given by motorists illegally parking in disabled bays is ‘I’ll only be a minute’ or ‘I’ll move if somebody comes along” adding "That’s never the case however and illegal parking like this causes genuine misery.” 

According to the Garda website, being caught illegally parking in a disabled bay means fixed charge notice for €80, rising to €120 if not paid in the first 28 days.

If still unpaid after 56 days, a summons to Court is issued with a possible fine of up to €1,000 on conviction. 
It is an offence to forge or fraudulently alter any permit, or fraudulently lend to or allow a permit to be used by any person other than the holder.

An offence of this nature is subject to a maximum fine of €2,000 and or three months imprisonment.