Large quantity of MDMA seized by Gardai ahead of college Rag Week

Large quantity of MDMA seized by Gardai ahead of college Rag Week

Over €8,000 worth of ecstasy powder, which was destined for Galway’s unofficial Rag Week, has been seized by gardai.

Authorities stopped a car on the M6 motorway last night which was carrying €8,400 worth of MDMA.

Two men were arrested and held overnight. They have since been released and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

Gardai in Galway say they believe the drugs were destined for sale to students flocking into the city for the unofficial Rag Week next week.

“It is our belief these drugs were attended for Rag Week. We want to put a warning out there to people coming to Galway for Rag Week. If they take drugs like this they just don’t know what they are taking. These drugs could cause huge damage,” said Sgt Peter Conlon of Galway Garda Station.

Sgt Conlon said the city was expecting a significant influx of students from around the country next week. He said a “very comprehensive” garda operation was in place for the entire week.

“Starting from next Monday we will have added manpower with additional gardai on duty in the city centre and a special operation will be in place for the week.

“We’ve been in touch with the various colleges asking them to get the message out to students that a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour will be taken,” he added.

The drugs find occurred after gardai stopped the car on the Westbound lane of the M6 at Cappataggle at 5pm yesterday. It was part of an ongoing garda operation by the Garda Divisional Drugs Unit.