Lance Armstrong pulls out of Dublin conference due to 'legal concerns'

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has withdrawn from his scheduled appearance at the One Zero conference in Dublin tomorrow citing 'legal reasons'.

According to a statement released on behalf of the event organisers, Armstrong, who has been contracted to speak at the conference since August, 'cancelled on the advice of his legal team due to the upcoming Federal court case brought against him on behalf of the US Postal Service'. 

The US Postal Service is Armstrong's former cycling team, where the American won seven consecutive Tour de France titles before being stripped of them all after his extensive doping program was uncovered.

The statement continued: 'The organisers had been acutely aware of the pending Federal legal case, addressing the issue during initial negotiations with Armstrong some months back. Organisers were assured it would not be an issue before agreeing to Armstrong's participation at the conference.'

Co-founder of One Zero, Rob Hartnett, said:

"We are extremely disappointed that Armstrong has withdrawn at the last minute from appearing at One Zero. He has let us down, he has let his fans down and his has let down those that wanted to hear him openly discuss his past and the future of sport".

Armstrong's 'no holds barred' interview with journalist Ewan MacKenna was due to close the conference, and had been eagerly anticipated in recent weeks after the former cyclist appeared on Off The Ball to answer questions about his doping past.