Deranged brute slicing lamb's ears off in County Armagh

Deranged brute slicing lamb's ears off in County Armagh

A lamb has died in Armagh after a sicko cut its ear off.

Farmer Roberta McMullan says the attack was the second in a week at her farm.

She explained: "They are sick.

"It's unbelievable. Who would want to do something like this?

"I discovered it first thing on Saturday. The lamb was lying in a field beside the house. Its right ear had been cut off and I searched the fields for anywhere it could be, but couldn't find it.

"I have no idea who would have done this, that is the big problem.

"I do not want to believe someone has done this - it's just so sick."

Ms McMullan, whose farm is in the Battleford Road area of Armagh, said that a post-mortem showed one of her lambs had a heart attack after having its right ear cut off.

She added: "There is no bad feeling among the farming community.


"You would have to get the lamb in the field and stop it running away. It would come if you had meal in your hand. They know me, but not strangers.


"It is disgraceful what has happened. It would take quite a lot of effort to cut off a lamb's ear.


"If you go into the field they will scatter."

The USPCA condemned the shocking attack.

Spokesperson David Wilson said: "In our experience the farming community is a tight-knit community and will help each other.

"We hope that someone in the farming community or rural area will hear something and report it to police. The sooner they are caught and convicted and sentenced the better.

"We have seen incidents like this before, thankfully rarely, but it is very difficult to understand the mindset of anyone who would deliberately harm an animal."

The police have confirmed that they are investigating the attacks.