Lags still on the roof of Cloverhill following today’s riot

Lags still on the roof of Cloverhill following today’s riot

UP to 60 inmates rioted this morning in the B-Division yard in Cloverhill.

Two prisoners who climbed onto the roof of the complex in the course of the protest are still refusing to come down this evening.

“The staff are managing the situation. Two guys have got up on the roof but there is no threat of escape,” a spokesman said.

Reports indicate that one inmate was held prisoner, beaten and suffered a suspected broken arm before being slashed with a shiv, or makeshift knife.

Sources have confirmed to that inmates ripped down goalposts and razor wire in a protest sources say may be linked to efforts to clamp down on drugs entering the prison.

One prisoner is believed to have been seriously assaulted by some others during the incident,

“The inmates were let into the B-Division yard as per usual when major disturbances broke out,”  a source said.

“A number of inmates ripped down goalposts in the yard while wire on the walls was pulled down and several inmates made their way onto the prison roof.”

Irish Prison Service has confirmed that Control and Restrain teams were used to get the inmates back into their cells.

Reports indicate that a number of inmates were injured and damage was caused to the prison

Staff members from nearby Wheatfield prison travelled to Cloverhill to assist with the operation.

Inmates at Wheatfield were locked into their cells while the staff travelled to Cloverhill.