Labourer accidentally overpaid €52k went on coke and booze bender

The company made an error and paid him £44,660 (€52,173)
The company made an error and paid him £44,660 (€52,173)

A builder's labourer who was overpaid £44k (€52k) went on a massive bender and shopping spree rather than contacting the bank about the mistake.

But now Steven Burke from Scarborough in the UK has appeared in court after pleading guilty to the offence of receiving wrongful credit. He also faces a massive bill of £28,000 (€32,671).

According to a report in the Scarborough News Burke (43) had done some work for a construction company and expected to be paid £446.60.

However, the company made an error and paid him £44,660 (€52,173) and Burke did nor report the incident, telling police he suspected he was the victim of a cyber crime.

The prosecution in Scarborough Magistrates’ Court earlier this week said: “He spent the money on a car, an electronic-cigarette, hotel rooms, designer clothes, a gold chain, cocaine and vodka as well as online gambling.

“In total, he spent more than £28,000 and approximately £15,000 was recovered.”

His employer emailed him about the over payment but Burke could not recall seeing it.

Burke is due to be sentenced on July 25 and could face a prison term.