Kincora: Sexual abuse victims will NOT see UK-wide inquiry

Kincora Boy's Home
Kincora Boy's Home

A sex abuse victim has lost his High Court battle to have the notorious Kincora Boy's Home investigated by a Westminster probe.

Gary Hoy argued that the Goddard inquiry should include the home in a UK-wide probe into child sex abuse, saying that allegations of sexual abuse at Kincora by politicians, businessmen and state agents needed to be investigated.

The 54-year-old previously took the action after saying in an affidavit that more than the three men already convicted of abuse at the home were just the tip of the iceberg.

He said: "I believe that many of these people had power, and included MLAs, MPs and paramilitaries.

"It makes me mad that they all could get away with it so easily. These people are hiding and protecting other people. I want to know who was involved and what they did.

"I find the whole thing frightening, and at times am frightened that people in authority will want my mouth shut, and want it all brushed under the carpet like it had been years ago."

However, Mr Justice Treacy dismissed the legal challenge, saying that if the current  Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry finds evidence that state agents were involved in abuse, that may lead to a more focused inquiry.