Kinahan mob have five murder cars ready for feud

Members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit on Dublin's streets yesterday
Members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit on Dublin's streets yesterday

The Kinahan cartel has organised at least five stolen cars for use in their next attempt to kill more associates of Gary Hutch.

In a bizarre development, the mob's desperation for stolen vehicles has led to an increase in the asking price in the underworld "market", the Herald reveals today.

The cars are understood to be at a secret location and ready to be used at a minute's notice, according to a source.

Stolen vehicles are generally sold for around €750, but this week criminals are demanding €1,500 per car - such has been the demand given the events of the last week.

"It's about that good old economic theory of supply and demand. If something is in demand, it will attract high prices.

"A stolen high-powered car is a commodity, it's as simple at that," a senior source said last night.

Many of the stolen cars have been taken by criminals fishing keys out of letter boxes.

Tensions remains high between Dublin's feuding criminal gangs following the murders of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel just over a week ago and the retaliatory murder of Eddie Hutch last Monday.

Meanwhile, Alan Hutch - the son of the murder victim - will not be granted compassionate leave from prison for his father's funeral.

Alan Hutch (33) was caged for eight years in 2013 after he threatened to kill three gardai and claiming he had a grenade.

Sources have said it is highly unlikely that Eddie's nephew, armed robber Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, will be allowed compassionate leave for his uncle's funeral either.

He is currently in a special protection wing in Wheatfield Prison where he is considered to be a target for associates of the Kinahan cartel.

A major security plan is being put in place for the upcoming funerals - David Byrne's funeral takes place on Monday. His body was brought back to his home in Crumlin last night.