Kinahan cartel henchman planned to become spiritual guru

Ross Browning
Ross Browning

Kinahan Cartel henchman Ross Browning had planned to transform his life and become a healthy living guru, with a new business based on the teachings of a controversial U.S. medic and his PH Miracle diet.

However, weeks into his new role to “help people on their journey to awaken”, Browning found himself on an unfortunate collision course with his past. And his plans to spread the word of Dr Robert O. Young have been put on hold ever since.

The 34-year-old has held a key role in the Kinahan organisation for years, is a close friend of cartel chief Daniel and is one of the top targets of An Garda Síochána’s €100 million crackdown on the gang and their associates.

Browning hoped he could put his past behind him when he launched a new healthy living company and even cited a ‘road to Damascus’ moment as he vowed to show others the meaning of life. 

In a testimonial posted online, Browning described how he was inspired to change because of his “darker days”.

“Many years ago I was giving a gift of forgiveness from a total stranger who I had caused harm to [sic],” he stated. 

“And in that moment my life changed for the better and I could not understand it in some way as my beliefs did not believe that it was possible to receive forgiveness from a total stranger.”

Browning is well known to Gardaí and Spanish police and featured in documentation supplied to Gardaí in October 2011 requesting the extradition of a major cartel figure as part of Operation Shovel.

The Spanish authorities referenced several suspected Kinahan gang members, including Browning, Gary Hutch, and Gary Finnegan.

“A surveillance operation was launched in Malaga and officers saw Ross Browning, another one of the persons under investigation, arrive at the airport to collect him,” the document states. 

“He was driving the car usually driven by Gary Hutch, which is owned by the company known as [company name]. The company is also under investigation in this case for arms and drugs trafficking.”

However, just as he launched his spiritual venture disaster struck, when he was spotted in the locality where a suspected hitman was arrested. 

The alleged hitman cannot be named for legal reasons and is currently before the courts on serious charges.

Bearded Browning – a super-fit vegan – had just registered his company ‘Club Living I’ last March and had begun working as a coach at his north Dublin gym premises.

In a testimonial, he described how his “love for life” changed a few years ago when he went to see the controversial medic Dr Robert O. Young in California.

“I decided to learn about living an alkaline lifestyle. It changed my life forever,” he said. 

“I believe from there my awakening came and from that my experience of life has been truly beautiful and I am grateful for all his amazing work and dedication – 30 years of it and he truly is a blessing to this planet.

“Thank you Dr Young, I will continue to share your amazing work.”

Others don’t agree and believe that Dr Young (above) is a quack. 

The guru has a special ranch in California and has made a millionaire’s fortune through his work as an alternative nutritionist who promotes a vegan diet. 

However, he has also run into trouble with the law in the past and has been before the courts for practicing medicine without a licence, after he was investigated for treating cancer patients at his ranch.

Browning’s spiritual awakening has caused concern for his former associates in the Kinahan mob, but it is understood he has remained close to Daniel Kinahan (below).

“I created ‘Living I’ based on my own life and how I have been perceived to be a certain person by others but yet that’s not I,” he stated online.

“Follow your heart, find your gift and live your true purpose… My dream is to help people on their journey to awaken in awareness so that’s what I want ‘Living I’ to become a centre where one can go and learn to know thyself and from that live their true purpose and share their journey with others [sic].”

In his testimonial, Browning insisted that his wisdom comes from his “darker days in life”.

“Many years ago I was giving a gift of forgiveness from a total stranger who I had caused harm to [sic],” he stated. 

“….. I will never forget that gift, as a gift like that money can’t buy. 

“It is one of the most powerful gifts you can give – a gift of forgiveness to another – and in doing that I believe you also give a gift to your own heart… 

“I have not had the chance to personally give thanks to that special lady, but always from my thoughts I do give thanks and I am grateful for her blessing every day.”


Despite his plans to teach others, Browning fell off the Garda radar shortly after telling friends he feared he was going to be arrested after being spotted near the location where the suspected hitman was picked up by detectives last year.

Browning told associates that he was in a car nearby when gardaí from the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, the Emergency Response Unit and the Armed Sup-port Unit raided a premises in West Dublin and arrested the man.

Last year, RTE had to dump footage from a top reality show when they realised that Browning and members of his family were contestants on Ireland’s Fittest Family.

At the time, Browning was before the courts on a fake passport charge, but a judge decided there was not enough evidence to convict him. 

The gym boss was arrested in 2010 by cops working with Spanish police as part of Operation Shovel.

In March 2002, Browning managed to avoid a jail sentence despite admitting carrying out an armed robbery on a Securicor van. 

Browning, along with Barry Finnegan and Robert Brown, pleaded guilty to stealing €17,026 from a Securicor van driver in January 2001.