Kinahan cartel boozer shut down by gardai


A favourite Dublin drinking spot of the Kinahan mob has been shut down after having its licence revoked.

The Star reports that a judge recently declined to renew the licence on the pub on garda advice.

According to the Star, Gardai told the judge that they monitored drug activity on the premises.

And a man described as a key member of the Kinahan cartel was also caught by gardai with drugs in the pub.

That man is also suspected of being involved in some serious incidents in the ongoing feud between the cartel and the Hutch family.

 The feud, that has claimed 10 lives since it began last year, continues to simmer.

Just two weeks ago, Gardai believe they foiled a plot to kill a Hutch associate when they seized two MP9 sub-machine guns, two silencers and three loaded Smith & Wesson handguns.

Detective Superintendent Tony Howard said at the time: “It’s important to stress that we have saved somebody’s life by seizing those weapons.”