Kim Jong-un spends a fortune on lingerie for secret harem

Fat controller: Kim Jong-un
Fat controller: Kim Jong-un

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is reported to have spent a staggering €2m on lingerie for the army of women known as the 'Pleasure Squad'.

The twisted tyrant is reported to have 2,000 women in the harem, who are trained to 'entertain' the military and political leadership of the secretive nation before being married off to the elite.

Today's Star claims that the 33-year-old leader has spent a mind-blowing €2m of the impoverished country's cash on a mountain of sexy lingerie for the group.

Thongs, bras, suspenders and basques are all reported to have been shipped into North Korea from all over Asia.

The 'Pleasure Squad was set up by his father Kim Jong-Il and it was reported to have been disbanded after his death.

However, it is now believed his son has re-established the group, with girls as young as 13 said to have been recruited.