Killer releases statement thanking family

Killer releases statement thanking family

Murderer Graham Dwyer has released a statement thanking his legal team, family and the media.

The killer, who was today convicted of murdering Elaine O’Hara for his own sexual gratification, asked the media to respect his family’s privacy.

“ I wish to take this opportunity to formally thanks my legal team, my Solicitor Jonathan Dunphy, senior council Remy Farrell, barristers Ronan Kennedy and Kate McCormack, for their work and dedication since 2013.

I also with to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their continued unwavering support throughout this period.

To the members of the media, I am grateful for the privacy you have afforded both my family and people close to me during the trial, I now respectfully ask that you continue to respect their privacy and I confirm that there will be no further comment by my family or myself concerning this case whatsoever.

Thank you

Graham Dwyer

Dwyer pleaded not guilty to the murder of childcare worker Elaine at Killakee Mountain on August 22nd 2012.

Judge Tony Hunt today told the jury he agreed 110% with their decision and excused them from jury service for 30 years.

The prosecution requested sentencing be put back until 20 April to allow for Victim Impact Statements to be prepared.