Killer Fulton's tears at missing daughter wed 'Barbie' hubby

Daddy's girl: Raquel posted picture of herself with Fulton
Daddy's girl: Raquel posted picture of herself with Fulton

Jailed loyalist godfather Jim Fulton wept in his cell recently as he missed his daughter tying the knot with her ‘Barbie’ doll husband.

LVF killer Fulton was said to be “gutted” he missed out on walking his daughter down the aisle as she wed 34-year-old Danny Hamilton who was part of a gang that used a Barbie typewriter to send threatening messages aimed at extorting £15,000 from a couple Hamilton knew.

Jim Fulton (47) was refused permission to go to his daughter’s wedding and jail sources say he was visibly upset at missing out on the special moment.

Fulton, who’s serving a minimum of 28 years in HMP Maghaberry for a raft of terror offences, pleaded with the authorities to let him out so he could attend the wedding of his daughter Raquel.

The pretty blonde was marrying convicted thug Danny Hamilton in a plush wedding at the foot of the Mourne Mountains on September 29.

JUST MY TYPE: Raquel and Danny Hamilton get hitched 

Hamilton is himself a convicted criminal, having been jailed for two years and eight months for his part in an extortion plot although he spent less than a year behind bars.

Hamilton and three others, including Jim Fulton’s brother Gary, were jailed over a blackmail plot in which a couple were threatened with paramilitary attack if they did not hand over £15,000 in cash.

Bullets were posted to them, claiming to be from “the Red Hand Defenders”.

The Sunday World understands Fulton, who often talked about a “genocide of Catholics”, made a desperate bid to get out of jail for a day but was turned down.

A jail source told the Sunday World: “Jim asked if he had any chance of getting compassionate leave to go to Raquel’s wedding but he was told there was no chance. I think he knew he was chancing his arm.

“I suppose he’s been pretty well behaved inside for nearly ten years now but he knew killers don’t tend to get compassionate leave for family weddings.

“On the wedding day itself Jim was very down. He tried putting on a brave face at first but he was pretty tearful in the end up.

“Every dad dreams of walking their daughter down the aisle but Jim missed out on that because of what he did.

“It won’t be the first or last big family thing he will have missed out on. It’s something we have to get used to as convicted criminals.”

The night before the wedding Raquel posted a picture of herself with her father before he went to jail.

Fulton was jailed in January 2007 after being found guilty of 48 terrorist offences, including the murder of Elizabeth O’Neill, seven attempted murders and directing terrorism.

Mrs O’Neill died in a pipe bomb attack on her home in Portadown in 1999. The device exploded when she picked it up.

Mrs O'Neill died in a pipe bomb attack on her home in Portadown in 1999 

An undercover police operation and covert surveillance was used to secure recorded confessions from Fulton when he moved to Cornwall in 2000 and began working for what he believed to be a crime gang.

During an appeal of his conviction in 2009 his lawyers challenged whether the taped admissions should have been allowed in evidence against him.

But the judges held that police tricking a defendant into incriminating himself does not render that material inadmissible.

Judges said LVF leader Jim Fulton was a “ruthless and vicious individual” who talked about genocide of Catholics.

“Fulton... was suspected to be a leading figure in unlawful loyalist paramilitary activity in Mid Ulster where the murder had occurred,” the judge said.

“The suggestion that the surveillance operation should be viewed as an illegitimate operation brought about by subterfuge is unsustainable.”

The judge continued: “The clear picture that emerges from the recorded conversations is of a ruthless and vicious individual devoid of human sympathy or empathy and steeped in deeply sectarian attitudes and bitterness who was prepared even to give expression to and countenance the desirability of genocide.”

Lord Justice Girvan referred to one recording where Fulton declared that Catholics had to be “wiped out”.

Danny Hamilton teamed up with his bride-to-be’s uncle Gary to try and intimidate a couple into handing over thousands of pounds.

Gary Fulton, Philip Blaney and Mark Briggs were jailed for five years for their part in the plot, while Hamilton was jailed for two years and eight months. The court heard that the unnamed couple – known only as Witnesses A and B – had been targeted by two hand-delivered letters containing bullets at their home and business addresses on dates between February 21 and March 24, 2011.

The letters demanded that they pay £15,000 or face “action with extreme prejudice by the Red Hand Defenders”.

During a subsequent police raid on Blaney’s home, a Barbie electric typewriter (left) was discovered, which was was used to type out the gangs’ demands.

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