Kildare hotel set to house 500 refugees

A Syrian man and his son boarding as bus in Hungary
A Syrian man and his son boarding as bus in Hungary

The Hazel Hotel in Monasterevin will house up to 500 refugees from Syria in the coming weeks, according to the Department of Justice.

They issued a statement last night regarding Ireland's response to the crisis that has gripped Europe and they confirmed to the Irish Times that the Kildare hotel would be the location for the arriving refugees.

In the statement, the Department said

It is important to note that the Irish response to the global migrant crisis is not limited to the 600 people who will be relocated here in the coming period. This figure of 600 represents the number allocated to us on a pro-rata basis by the EU authorities. In terms of population size, Ireland ranks joint 6th (along with Germany) of the 24 Member States who participated in the initiative

The Government has also agreed to resettle a further 520 refugees from outside the EU. This is nearly double the share proposed by the EU authorities for Ireland. In terms of population size, Ireland ranks 6th of the 31 European States who participated in the initiative.  

In addition it needs to be emphasised that by the end of this year we will likely have accepted 3,500 applications for refugee status (2,100 received in the first 8 months of 2015).

They then revealed to the Times that four refugees from Syria have been in the Hazel Hotel since August and that 72 more people fleeing the conflict will be arriving soon.

In total, 520 'programme refugees' will be housed there, where they will spend months getting language and orientation training before being moved to permanent locations elsewhere.

As 'programme refugees' the people involved will not have to go through the asylum or direct provision systems.