Kids 'threatened by killer clown armed with knife in Irish park'

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Children were allegedly threatened with a knife by a prankster dressed as a 'killer clown' on Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred in Riverside Park in Ballymoney, Co Antrim and is being investigated by the PSNI.

As news of the incident broke, an Instagram account titled 'killerclownsballymoney' posted threats online saying that a killer clown would be "waiting at Ballymoney High School gates at 3:55, and on Mondays it'll be Dalriada at 2:40".

In a statement to, Councillor Darryl Wilson, a representative for the Ballymoney area, said: "Killer Clown pranks are beyond a joke.

"Over the past few weeks we have seen news reports from across the world where people are dressing up as killer clowns to intimidate and scare people, causing distress to people within our communities, particularly the young and the elderly is completely unacceptable.

"Those responsible may feel that their actions are harmless, however they are causing distress to others while putting themselves in harms way too.

"I would strongly urge those responsible to put an end to this threatening behaviour immediately."

Councillor Cathal McLaughlin, also from the Ballymoney area, said: "This is a very very silly game and it appears to be just to frighten people.

"I don't think people realise there could be serious consequences for people affected by this. It is a matter for the PSNI, but as a public representative I'd appeal to them not to engage in such pranks."

This incident occurred on the same day Coleraine Grammar School in Derry was put on lockdown after threats were made on Instagram that morning. Police attended the school in the afternoon but the threat turned out to be a hoax.

The 'killer clown' trend began in the US with pranksters dressing as clowns to scare people. It has stormed the UK and Ireland and even been used to advertise Halloween events.

Clowns wielding prop chainsaws entered the grounds of Newpark School in Blackrock without permission to hand out leaflets for a Halloween horror attraction. Parents said their children were frightened by the event and that videos were being passed around afterwards to cause more distress.