EXCLUSIVE: Karen Buckley's killer begged girl for sex favours in perverted chat log message boards message boards

THESE are the perverted chat-logs of twisted murderer Alexander Pacteau, who killed Irish nurse Karen Buckley in April of this year.

KILLER: Alex Pacteau

Pacteau, a notorious pervert, boasts about his five-inch-long penis and begs a girl he’s never met to acknowledge his pathetic requests.

“Right, random question, could you continuously spit in an empty water bottle for about a week then give it to me so I can baste my balls in it when masturbating?

“Cheers, Alex Pacteau xxxxx”

The unnamed recipient of his perverse affections initially laughed off his request, but the tirade of nonsense continued until another user stepped in.

“F**ksake ‘Alex Pacteau’ take the fucking hint and get off this. ***** clearly no happy abt your presense!

To which the twisted killer replied:

“Hawl you! ***** is happy about my presence, She’s f**kin’ exstatic when my 5 inches of sweetness are present insider her perfectly shaped ass,

“God, I could pump it all night long.

“She gave me a footjob once, fooking magic. Xx”

The disgusted object of his affections, clearly sick of his pathetic advances, replied:

“That’s revolting, kinda bored of this Pacteau shit! Get someone else to talk about. “

Pacteau, who was charged with attempted rape in 2013, used website for his persistent sex pestering.

 “Why baby a though you always loved your big French Pacto, a miss the times you would spank me and have that warm smile in your eyes :( xxxxxxxxxx PLEASE LET ME BACK INTO YOUR ARMS (L.)” , he wrote.

It was revealed earlier this week that sex obsessed Pacteau had previously been caught trying to steal underwear at a party.

The killer had been at an unnamed friend’s house party when the former private schoolboy was found rifling through the host’s mum’s underwear, and was promptly thrown out.

The 6ft 4inch brute admitted this week to murdering Irish nurse Karen Buckley.

Police report that Pacteau lured Karen into his Ford Focus car with the offer of a lift home after she left ‘The Sanctuary’ nightclub on April 12.

Karen Buckley

The pervert then tried to strangle her before beating her to death with a heavy 30cm spanner.

Pacteau drove around Glasgow with Karen’s dead body in the passenger seat of his car before trying to dissolve her remains in caustic soda in the bathtub of his flat and then in a 220-litre plastic barrel.

He then attempted to hide the barrel in a storage shed on an isolated farm.

Pacteau, who has a previous conviction for forgery linked to photocopying sterling banknotes, will discover how long he will serve behind bars on September 8 when the Honorable Justice Lady Rae imposes the minimum sentence tariff on him in Glasgow High Court.