Justin Bieber thrills in Dublin with a strop-free show

Justin Bieber in Dublin last night - Pic VIP Ireland
Justin Bieber in Dublin last night - Pic VIP Ireland

CANADIAN singer Justin Bieber sent his Irish fans home happy last night – after they took his advice and behaved.

The superstar has thrown a strop at some previous shows, walking offstage in protest at fans over screaming, especially during his ‘intimate’ showstopper ‘Purpose’.

But the 22-year-year-old had over 14,000 fans in the palm of his hands last night, in a visually entertaining show which lasted nearly two hours.

Despite miming much of his 22 strong setlist, Justin engaged with the audience and even athletically threw a few somersaults on a trampoline during the track ‘Company’.

Supported by a backing troupe of 12 dancers, he took to the stage at Dublin’s 3 arena at 8.35pm to a cacophony of earsplitting screams.

Kicking off with ‘Mark my words’, he steamrolled through a litany of fans' favourites, which had them dancing in their seats.

Justin has already taken some downtime in Dublin, stopping off at The Goat pub in the city’s southside for a pee break, while also hanging out with friends in the trendy Xico club on Baggot Street.

On Monday evening he also visited a salon, but was pursued by one over eager fan - a man in his late 20s – who persisted in trying to videotape him, despite Justin and his bodyguard’s protests.

After last night's show he headed to two city centre hostelries, Kehoe's and Sinnott's, where he was spotted drinking Guinness.

Justin showed a nice touch to his Irish concertgoers by donning a black t-shirt, emblazoned with the words ‘Purposetour’ in green white and orange. On its back it sported the wording ‘Bieber….Dublin’ in green.

“Dublin hands up right now – jump, jump”, he shouted during his second track, a Jack U cover of ‘Where are u now’, before announcing “Dublin let me hear you scream”.

A shower of fireworks and lasers lit up a hugely impressive stage, which at times resembled being lost in a planetary solar system, with asteroids and stars shooting towards the audience.

It was obviously thirsty work for Justin, as after his third song ‘Get Used To It' he had to take four massive gulps from a bottle of water to cool himself down.

He complained: “I’ve been told in the past, ‘Justin you’re not good enough, Justin you’re not strong enough’. I would look at them in the face and say ‘I’ll show you’”.

He then launched into the track ‘I’ll show you’, but it was ‘Boyfriend’ which resulted in the biggest hysteria of the show up to now, with fans singing every word note perfect.

After his pulsations and gyrations, he slowed things down for ‘Cold Water’, when he sat on a red sofa and strummed a guitar, followed by ‘Home to Mama’.

Exploding fireworks greeted ‘Love yourself’, when he was joined by his dancers,  on this occasion wearing casual clothes, with one lucky girl getting up close and personal with him in a hug, much to the envy of many onlookers.

“So Dublin I’ve been on tour for over a year,” he moaned. “Imagine being on tour for over a year, being away from friends and family. I appreciate each and every one of for keeping me company on tour.”

With that he took to an elevated platform, which also turned out to be a giant trampoline.

Much to the fans delight, Justin spectacularly threw himself into the air several times, without a moment’s hesitation or slip-up.

He took his t-shirt off to the track ‘No pressure’, but the screams were replaced by moans as he was wearing a white undergarment underneath.

After a 20 minute break he returned with ‘As long as you love me’, this time wearing a light grey t-shirt with the word ‘Staff’ on it, matched with grey trackie bottoms and white trainers.

He even showed his drumming prowess when he took to an elevated stage and then threw the drumsticks into the audience, causing a scramble.

A gopher named Alex was the envy of many, as he got to lift Justin’s shirt to replace a fallen microphone cable.

To a chorus of ‘Ole, ole, ole’, Justin did a little dance onstage, claiming to have never heard the chant before.

For the track ‘Children’, he greeted four kids from a dance school in Swords, which was prearranged.

“Kyle, Molly, Jacob and Holly,” he enthused, telling Molly and Jacob that their t-shirts matched their eyes.

A beautiful Arctic landscape backdrop accompanied ‘Let me love you’.

Another wardrobe change saw him sporting an orange sweatshirt (again with the word ‘Staff’ on it)’ and an orange headband.

But it was golden oldie ‘Baby’ that brought the house down, complete with a deliciously multi-coloured flavour of letters spelling out the very name.

Justin demanded there be respect for the slow tune ‘Purpose’ as he lay down near the front of the stage and interacted with the front segment. He had previously walked offstage in protest at overzealous fans ruining his delicately sung song, but on this occasion they respected his wishes and he sailed through without a hitch.

He then returned for the encore of ‘Sorry’, deliberately getting drenched in a downpour of constant water being showered on him from above.

His legions of fans left the arena happy, knowing they had been entertained by a value for money showman, with him taking to the stage again tonight for the second of his Dublin gigs.


Mark My Words
Where Are U Now
Get Used To It
I’ll Show You
The Feeling
Cold Water
Home To Mama
Love Yourself
Been You
No Sense
Hold Tight
No Pressure
As Long As You Love Me
Let Me Love You
Life Is Worth Living
What Do You Mean