Junior Minister says prostitution should be legal in Ireland

Junior Minister John Halligan
Junior Minister John Halligan

The Independent Alliance TD for Waterford John Halligan has told 'Hot Press' magazine his opinion on a wide range of topics, including his view that prostitution should be legal.

Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation makes the argument that there are 'lonely' men out there and that denying them access to sex is simply 'cruel'.

 “Why would we want to fine somebody or make it a criminal offence for two consenting adults to have sex?" he said.

“Isn’t it a natural instinctive reaction to enjoy sex, to enjoy pleasure? I’m a healthy man and I have a good sex life but would there not be lonely men out there?

“Would there not be men who have a disfigurement or who are disabled? What do they do? So, they’re told, ‘No’.

“So, there’s an opportunity for them maybe to pay for it and we’re saying ‘No’. That’s cruel. For men or women, that’s cruel. So, I think, absolutely. It should be regulated.”

Halligan also said he didn't think those caught 'smoking a bit of hash' should not be brought to court

Halligan also revealed that he doesn't believe a God could exist because nobody could create a world of raging war, murders and rapes.

"We're being asked to believe that - boom - Adam and Eve appeared on earth, and then we all came from Adam and Eve," he said.

"I don't think there's any God - I know for a fact there's not."

However, he believes other species exist in the universe but humans may be "so unsophisticated" or "moronic" that they are "just passing us off".