'Mad Dog' Johnny Adair's heartbreak over split with tragic son revealed

Johnny Adair with tragic son Jonathan
Johnny Adair with tragic son Jonathan

HEARTBROKEN dad Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair hadn't spo­ken a word to his son Jonathan in six months, the Sunday World has learned.

And we can reveal how the detective who helped lock up Mad Dog said: "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."

A married father of a four-year-old boy, Jonathan (32), died at his home in Troon, Scotland, eight days ago, as a result of a suspected drugs overdose.

Yesterday, Johnston 'Jonty' Brown, the detective who helped put Johnny Adair behind bars, said he had huge sympathy for Johnny Adair and his family at this time.

"I wouldn't wish it on my worst en­emy," he said.

And former Det Sgt Brown recalled the moment he realised Johnny Adair loved his son dearly.

"One Sunday morning I had to call into a police station near the Shankill to collect something. My eight-year-old son Adam was with me.

"We stopped to buy papers and I spotted Johnny watching his son Jon­athan - who was also eight - playing football with his pals.

"I noticed Jonathan Adair was a gifted young player and I could see Johnny was immensely proud of his son and I told him so. You could see he loved Jonathan.

"It was my job to put Johnny Adair behind bars. But as far as the suffer­ing and anguish Johnny Adair and his family are going through at the moment, my heart goes out to him."

And now as he prepares for his son's funeral on Friday, the former loyalist terror chief is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he never got the chance to say goodbye to the eldest of his five children.

The one-time UFF Brigadier and boss of the terror group's notorious 'C Company' on Belfast's Shankill Road had fallen out with his son over his addiction to heroin, crack cocaine and legal highs. Once extremely close, the pair hadn't exchanged a word in six months.

Close friends say Johnny tried des­perately to persuade his first-born child to quit drugs and in a fit of frustration, cut off all contact with Jonathan.

But Adair's best efforts to help beat Jonathan's addiction were left in tatters last Saturday, when the young man lost his life as a result of an ad­verse reaction to a cocktail of drugs.

Around tea-time, police were called to the family home at Templehill, Troon, which Jonathan shared with his wife Jasmine and their son Harley.

Johnny Adair and his partner Lynne Benson were at home when police called to his home and an officer said: "Johnny it's about Jonathan. Johnny, he's dead. He's been found dead."

Pals said Johnny was stunned by the officer's words and went into a state of shock.